HanGlas 60th Anniversary, Glass Total Solution Launching
Back 09/06/2017

Established in 1957 as the No. 1 flat glass manufacturing company in Korea, HanGlas, which has led the technology and history of Korean glass industry, celebrated its 60th anniversary. The firm commitment to the development of a variety of high-performance glass products and the bold innovation as a total solution provider are considered to have achieved today's HanGlas.

Leap Glass Total Solution Leader

The final vision of HanGlas is to step up from the existing architectural flat glass and window total solution to become a total solution provider related to glass. Glass solutions can be used in everyday residential and commercial space as well as in various spaces and various situations. It is the next challenge for HanGlas to break away from existing stereotypes and provide innovative solutions. The company plans to demonstrate technological capabilities in a variety of ways based on diversity, scalability, and transparency that can connect both inside and outside.

"We have been making history for the Korean glass industry for the past 60 years," said YongSung LEE, CEO of HanGlas. "Over the next 60 years, we will lead the global glass industry with smart technology and win-win".