Non-Residential Habitat

To meet the challenges of growth, energy efficiency and environmental protection, Saint-Gobain offers innovative solutions for offices, hospitals, day-care centres, schools and other service buildings. The building projects carried out under the Multi-Comfort Program demonstrate that it is possible to build or renovate these types of buildings with currently available materials and technologies.


Saint-Gobain ISOVER Korea offers a large range of thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant insulation solutions meeting all the technical requirements of the different applications

in non-residential buildings. ISOVER mainly offers “Safe Panel Board’ with high performance of fire safety and workability, ‘WeatherProof’,

external insulation solution with water repellent glass wool,  ‘E·Saver’, the first “A’ grade of 24K insulation for external wall application, ‘Safe Wall’, meets high level of acoustic performance.


Norton Clipper® machines and diamond tools deliver extraordinary performance in drilling and cutting all materials on building and construction sites. 
In the habitat sector, plumbers, builders, carpenters, tilers, painters and decorators also benefit from Saint-Gobain Abrasives solutions.

Buiding Glass and Window

HanGlas was established in 1957 and has become Korea’s representative glass manufacturer with state of the art technologies and high production capacity. HanGlas is regarded as a pioneer in the multi-functional glass market with the development of Low-E glass for the first time in Korea and still leads the market with innovative products such as Trple Low-E glass and Smart glass. HanGlas is continuously expanding its business by building the Korea’s largest coating glass factory and partnering with small and medium sized companies with cutting edge technologies. HanGlas has now become synonymous with the Korean glass industry with comprehensive solutions and contributes to environmentally friendly and smart living.


COOL-LITE® XTREME is Triple Low-E glass with the triple silver layered solar control coatings. COOL-LITE® XTREME is the ideal product for energy savings by reducing overheating in the summer and heat loss in the winter. COOL-LITE® XTREME improves thermal insulation and maximizes brighter interiors and natural lighting with high light transmission while retaining an extremely neutral appearance.


COO-LITE® SK is a high functional and high efficient glass with the double Ag layered coatings. COOL-LITE® SK provides a spectrally selective solar control performance along with excellent thermal insulation. With higher transmission levels and more transparency, COOL-LITE® SK maximizes brighter interiors and natural lighting.


COOL-LITE® K is high functional glass and has advantages of both Low-E glass and reflecting glass. COOL-LITE® K reduces energy consumption and has a neutral appearance with low light reflectance when produced on a clear substrate. COOL-LITE® K is ideally suited for use in facades.


PLANITHERM® maximizes thermal insulation by applying advanced Ag coating technology. PLANITHERM® uses a special coating to reflect radiated heat back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows. PLANITHERM® is energy saving glass which is at least 25% more efficient than most double glazed windows.

Architectural Window Film

Solar Gard films have been designed to be applied on both the inside and outside of building glass to protect occupants from the effects of the sun’s heat, glare and UV rays. They are a less costly solution for solar protection than air conditioning or blinds and awnings. Additionally, with its Armorcoat® range, Solar Gard® rovides security films for windows to protect occupants and property from injury in the event of breakage and to act as a barrier against breaking and entering.

Window Related Products

Norseal® from PPL for Sandwich panels and window sealing, provide protection against water, dirt and air infiltration and resist weathering and UV oxidation MAGICA (sputtering targets) from Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions are used to produce thin film onto building glass for different functions.

Performance Plastics

The Performance Plastics Activity gathers solutions combining material science, processing technology and design to save energy, provide protection, improve comfort and sustain the environment for a variety of industries.
Lastly, thanks to its ultra-light, fire-proof SHEERFILL® architectural membrane, Saint-Gobain roofs the world’s largest stadiums.

Besides, the high performance films provided by Saint-Gobain can also be used as protective cap stock film adhesively laminated to graphics / signage in outdoor construction and indoor decoration applications. The films could provide anti-graffiti, anti-stick, and easy-cleaning properties.

The Norton® ETFE film provided by Saint-Gobain could be used as the front panel film of flexible photovoltaic cell modules. The high-transparent, easy-cleaning, anti-scratch properties could be helpful for the high efficiency of the modules. 

Water filters

Saint-Gobain's Crystar® water filters clarify and clean swimming pools while reducing chlorine consumption, reducing operating costs and improving the swimming experience.

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials

For habitat, Ceramic Materials provides ZirPro zirconia powders used to manufacture pigments for coloring ceramic tiles.