Hankuk Sekurit Techday at 2017 Hyundai-Kia Motors
Back 09/06/2017

On April 20th 2017, Hankuk Sekurit held a successful Technology Day at the Hyundai-Kia (HKMC) R&D Center in Namyang, South Korea. HKMC is the biggest car manufacturer in Korea and represents 53% of HSL sales in 2016.

15 new added value products where displayed during the Techday including: 4-in-1 Windshield, ComfortSky LOW-E, PDLC Switchable Sunroof, LED integrated Windshield, GPS Antenna Windhsield, Climacoat, etc.

The purpose of this Tech Day was to show our most innovative technologies as well as having an interactive communication with employees from HKMC in order to further develop our cooperation.

Over 1100 employees from HKMC visited the exhibition including Mr. Lee, Yanggi, Director of Exterior Engineering Design Group and Mr. Cho, Youngik, Team leader, Exterior System Engineering Design Team.

This Techday sets a record in terms of visitors with a number of 1177 employees participating. The feedback from the visitors was very positive and the products that were discussed the most were Climacoat, Low-E and PDLC Switchable Sunroof.