Automobile, Rail and Marine

Saint-Gobain supplies a range of high-performance products to the automotive and transportation industries.


Through Hankuk Sekurit, the Saint-Gobain Korea supplies the world’s leading automakers with windshields, sidelites, backlites, glass roofs and pre-assembled modules. Tempered, laminated, tinted or with coatings providing specific properties, Hankuk Sekurit glazing helps reduce vehicle energy consumption and provides a solution to users’ growing demands for safety and comfort. Hankuk Sekurit also serves with the same rigor the rail, armored and industrial vehicle markets: trucks, buses and coaches, and farm and construction site machinery.

Specialist film

In addition to its glazing, the Group manufactures and sells window films for automobile glazing, under its Solar Gard® brand. These films protect against heat, damage caused by ultraviolet rays and attempted break-ins, as well as being attractive and protecting occupants’ privacy.

Plastic components

The Group also manufactures high-performance plastic Norglide® bearings, RENCOL® Tolerance Ring, seals and foams for the automobile and land transportation market. These components are in particular used in doors, steering and braking systems, seats, exhaust gas control system and even vehicle engines.

Norglide® Bearings can give the solution of NVH and benefit for maintenance-free with performance of low-friction & high wear resistance at hinge, seat, sliding and rotating movement position (Automotive, Industrial market)
RENCOL® Tolerance Ring can give stable rotating torque, cost/weight reduction, assembling cost reduction, perfect fit between shaft and housing. (Application : SCAT, Motor mounting)

Injection Molded, Precision Components, Bearings, Seal Rings and Thrust Washers

Building upon our more than 40 years of experience, we partner with Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies as well as OEMs to reduce friction, leakage, wear, noise, and emission as well as contributing to more energy efficient solutions with our OmniSeal® and Meldin® products. The automotive market is always on the move to find new materials and solutions to accelerate technical innovations, meet new environmental and safety legislation, and satisfy emerging customer needs.  Using cutting-edge expertise in design, tooling, testing and processing of high-temperature polymers, we are successful at producing injection molded seal rings and thrust washers; precision components; brake wear sensors; and bearings that put our customers in the driver seat.

OmniSeal® critical parts are engineered for sealing control in demanding applications in Aerospace, Energy, Life Sciences, Industrial and Automotive markets.

Rulon® critical parts are engineered for wear and friction control in demanding applications in Industrial, Automotive, Life Sciences and Aerospace markets.

Meldin® critical parts are engineered for tolerance control in Automotive, Life Sciences and Industrial markets.

Glass Wool

Saint-Gobain ISOVER Korea has highlighted the importance of effective insulation in the transportation areas, such as shipbuilding, automotive, and railway application.

Our products meet high level of, energy efficiency, thermal and acoustic performance and fire resistance performance. ISOVER Safe Roll, Safe Board, Safe Cover and Green Mat and Marine Fiber are the products tailored to the needs of the transportation industry that combine cost efficiency with the highest insulation performance. in transportation areas.